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Bouwmeester Consultancy is the go-to Excel Expert for everything related to Excel & VBA. We assist companies, schools, individuals, and students with all their issues/questions and provide tailored solutions. In addition, we can provide you with different types of trainings. The customer’s wishes are always fulfilled, and based on our experience, we can always contribute to more efficient solutions. Everything is done in careful consultation. In the end, you can save time and money with the assistance of Bouwmeester Consultancy. We aim for the best for you as a company, school, individual, and/or student, always striving for 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Once a collaboration has begun, it will never cease; we will always be ready and available for our customers. A (small) problem in the future? No worries, we’ll solve those for free! Look no further and get in touch with us; we ensure that you will be amazed by our qualities.

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    What we can do for your business

    If you are looking for an expert on Excel for your business, look no further. At Bouwmeester Consultancy, we are happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding Excel within your company. For example, you can think of:

    • Automate manual tasks
    • Turning data into customized dashboards
    • Monthly creation of reports
    • Solving problems in Excel
    • Cashflow Forecast
    • Insight into Cash Flow

    In essence, we can assist with any problem/question, so feel free to get in touch to explore the possibilities.

    What we can do for your school

    As a school, you want to easily gain insight into the learning development of your students Excel can help you do this. We can ensure that you not only have insight into the learning development of your students, but also gain insight into school performance. This way, you can view this at the school, class, and student levels. We make your school ‘inspection-proof’ and ensure that you know exactly where you stand. This is certainly not the only thing we do, so please feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more.

    Individuals and help with Excel

    As an individual, you are often busy enough. Nobody has time to spend hours looking at personal budgets or creating elaborate financial reports. Fortunately, we can assist you with that. We help you gain insight into your personal finances and ensure that manual tasks can be automated. If you’re considering a business plan, we are here to help you transform your ideas into a financial overview. So, if you want to save time while keeping your financial accounting perfectly organized. Then quickly get in touch with us and discover what we can do for you!

    Help with Excel for students

    As a student, it’s difficult to maintain a clear overview. So many tasks and so little time. That’s why we want to give you a hand. With our experience and knowledge, we know exactly how to assist you with your exams and assignments. We can also work with you to create a perfect schedule and show you how to easily maintain and adjust it. This way, you’ll have more time for other things.

    Taking a training at Bouwmeester Consultancy.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Excel yourself, you can attend one of our training sessions. We offer a basic training where you can learn the fundamentals of Excel. This includes topics like Quick Navigation, Formatting, Efficient Working, Charts, Data Analysis, IF Function, Tables, Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP Function, Several Useful Functions, Data Table, Goal Seek, and much more. If you already have some more experience with Excel or if you want to learn specific components, you can also take a customized training with us. Your desires and needs are our top priority, and we will work together with you to tailor the perfect training. You can also turn to us for one-on-one training sessions. This way, you can learn the ins and outs of Excel in a peaceful and focused environment.

    We always think in terms of opportunities and solutions. We’re ready to go the extra mile for you and ensure that together we find the perfect solution. We take pride in having 100% satisfied customers, and we won’t stop until you’re also 100% satisfied! With over 10 years of experience in the field of Excel and VBA, and an MSc degree. Industrial Engineering thinking level is not a problem; nothing is too challenging for us. So, if you’re looking for that customized solution or if you have a problem for which you can’t find a solution? then quickly get in touch with us, and in no time, you’ll also become an Excel expert!

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