Everyone is familiar with Microsoft’sExcel program. A very useful and versatile program that can save you a lot of work. Unfortunately, many people experience issues with Excel. This can range from startup issues and corrupt files to improperly used formulas that disrupt the entire system. It’s quite frustrating because when Excel doesn’t function properly, it can have significant consequences. Your accounting may become inaccurate or your customer database might become inaccessible. Minor Excel issues can likely be resolved by yourself with the help of Google. You can find many tips there. If you can’t figure it out or if the problem is more complex than you initially thought? Don’t hesitate to contact me. I will investigate the issue for you and won’t give up until it’s resolved.

Problemen met Excel

Easy with Excel

Over the years, these files have often been constructed in complex ways, while they could be simplified.

Automatically using Excel.

Almost everything within Excel can be automated.

Help with Excel

You might be interested in getting started with Excel, but you’re unsure about the exact steps to take.

From data to insights

Moving from gaining insight to making improvements, and from improvements to saving both time and money.

Types of problems with Excel

From managing your financial administration to creating tables and forms in your own branding, Excel offers countless possibilities. It’s also useful for analyzing reports and creating complex production schedules – just a few of the many capabilities Excel provides. Millions of businesses worldwide have embraced Excel and can’t do without it. When Excel issues arise, they can indeed have significant consequences. Due to its complexity, it’s unfortunately prone to problems. Common Excel issues include Excel not responding, startup problems, formula-related error messages, and Excel being blocked. Are you experiencing one or more of these problems? Or is it a problem of an entirely different nature? In that case, I’m here to assist you through Excel training. I have years of experience with Excel and know my way around the program like no other. I see your Excel issues as a challenge that I won’t shy away from.

Problemen met Excel

What causes problems with Excel?

Problems with Excel can arise in various ways. They might be related to the program itself or to the user. Therefore, it’s important to investigate thoroughly before attempting to solve the problem. Many problems can be resolved on your own. A common issue, like startup problems, often results from not using the most recent version of Excel. This can be easily fixed, but unfortunately, it’s not always the cause of all Excel problems. In companies where multiple individuals work on a single file, formulas are constantly modified or expanded. Not every employee is equally experienced with Excel. And that’s not surprising, as Excel is a highly complex program with endless possibilities. As a result, inexperienced individuals might not understand how everything works. Even for the most experienced users, Excel remains a challenging puzzle. Over the years, I’ve gained extensive experience with this program, which has left few mysteries for me. I’ve already assisted many companies with their Excel issues. Curious about what I’ve been able to achieve for these companies? You can read about my business cases here and find more information about me!

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I’m one of the fortunate individuals who have turned their passion into their profession. A few years ago, I began establishing my own business. I’ve already had the privilege to assist many companies with their Excel issues. I tackle every problem head-on and don’t let go until it’s resolved. I continue to evolve and learn something new every day. That’s why I can proudly call myself a genuine Excel expert Give me a problem, and I’ll solve it for you! So, if you’re facing Excel problems? Feel free to get in touch with me, and together we’ll explore what I can do for your company.

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