More and more companies are dedicating the majority of their time to working within Excel. Excel is a versatile program with countless possibilities. However, these possibilities don’t always lead to the most efficient or effective workflows. Feeling overwhelmed and lost in the details? In that case, it’s possible that valuable hours are being wasted daily on tasks that could be automated. Excel training can help with this. Annually, this could save many companies tens of thousands of euros. Who would say no to that? Proper Excel utilization through an Excel training leads to savings in both money and time. That’s where I come in to assist. My Excel training services range from optimizing monthly reports to assisting with data conversion. Curious? Contact me without obligation.

Excel training

Easy with Excel

Often, these are structured in complex ways when they could be simplified.

Automatically using Excel.

Practically everything within Excel can be automated.

Help with Excel

You might be interested in getting started with Excel, but you’re unsure about the exact steps to take.

From data to insights

Moving from gaining insight to making improvements, and from improvements to saving both time and money.

Excel training benefits

Properly training your staff through an Excel-focused training on workflows has numerous benefits. It’s quite common that Excel is not used to its full potential. Using incorrect formulas and methods to achieve a specific goal is a common occurrence. Additionally, unnecessary steps might be employed. Not only is this a waste of time and money, in many industries it also produces incorrect data. The consequences of this can be major. A training on Excel helps in reducing error margins and saving time and money. As a result, there are more financial resources and time available to invest in matters that truly contribute to the success of your company. Wondering what training on Excel can do for your business? Then check out my business cases.

Excel training

Types of Excel Training

One of the many benefits of using Excel is its immense versatility office program. Excel can be used in countless ways. This explains why workflows with Excel can also be optimized in many different ways and areas. Consequently, the types of Excel training are quite varied. In most cases, a lot can be gained by simplifying existing structures within your company. Excel training sessions focused on simplifying Excel files are also frequently chosen. In addition, over the years there has been an increasing demand for Excel training courses that focus on automation. Automation is the way to save valuable time. However, in the past, various companies have also made significant progress by opting for Excel training sessions centered around production planning, data summaries, reporting, time tracking, and much more.

Take Excel training online

Taking an Excel training online is one of the many options available within the customized solutions offered by Bouwmeester Consultancy. After all, every company is different; so are their problems. By taking your preferences into account, I provide customized solutions that are closely aligned with your current situation. For example, an Excel training is possible online, but I also help on location where necessary. Follow an online Excel training, for example about VBA Excel, is therefore one of the many possibilities in which I can help your company.

Excel basic training from Bouwmeester Consultancy

Having more than 10 years of experience in conducting Excel basic training, I possess an in-depth understanding of this widely used program. Partly due to this accumulated knowledge, I strive to create as much added value for you as possible. With passion and ambition, I work independently as a consultant, which allows me to offer a lower hourly rate compared to other major consultancy firms. De enkel positieve reacties en reviews that came from Excel training courses so far give confidence in good cooperation. Will we see each other soon? And maybe you will become a VBA Excel Expert!

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