In the Netherlands, tens of thousands of companies use Excel on a daily basis. A versatile program that can add significant value to your business. However, this versatility also means that Microsoft Excel can be overwhelming and complex for untrained users. As an Excel expert, I am well aware of that more than anyone else. As an experienced Excel specialist, I dedicate myself daily to assisting companies in saving time and money. Unnecessary and incorrect formulas and methods in Excel result in wasted time. When Excel usage is optimized, more time becomes available that can be devoted to activities contributing to your company’s success. Thus, optimizing Excel workflows with the expertise of an Excel specialist contributes to achieving commercial and strategic objectives. Curious about what I can do for you? Feel free to contact us without any obligation.

Excel Specialist

Easy with Excel

Over time, these files often become needlessly complex when they could be simplified.

Automatically using Excel.

Practically everything within Excel can be automated.

Help with Excel

You might be interested in getting started with Excel, but you’re unsure about the exact steps to take.

From data to insights

Moving from gaining insight to making improvements, and from improvements to saving both time and money.

Why MS Excel specialist

Countless companies work day in and day out with Excel, the popular software from Microsoft. It’s no wonder that certain companies allocate thousands of hours annually to this intricate software. Optimizing procedures through an MS Excel specialist can have significant repercussions in this regard. As a result, a lot of time is saved, and unnecessary errors are prevented. As an MS Excel specialist, I encounter many companies with complex Excel files containing hundreds of formulas. A small mistake early in the chain within this web of formulas can have a significant impact on the final data that emerges. As an MS Excel specialist, I assist companies in optimizing these files and, where possible, even automating them. This makes your work a lot easier. Sounds good, right? Want to learn more about what I’ve been able to accomplish for businesses? Then check out my business cases.

Excel specialist

Excel specialist services

As an Excel specialist with over 10 years of experience, I tailor my services to the specific situation. I help companies with customized solutions. The versatility of Excel results in it being applied differently by thousands of companies. On one hand, it’s a tremendous advantage, but on the other hand, this versatility also leads to complexity. Yet, as an Excel specialist, I am fully adept with this software. I leverage this knowledge across a range of services. In the past, I’ve had the opportunity to support and guide companies in tasks such as creating regular reports, developing production schedules, managing time registrations, and crafting complex formulas. Together, we’ve saved hundreds of hours, bringing ambitious businesses closer to their commercial objectives. Want to know more? Then, read more about me.

Excel specialist Bouwmeester Consultancy

Operating independently under the name Bouwmeester Consultancy, I work as an Excel specialist. This makes me versatile in terms of deployment and more cost-effective than larger consultancy firms. However, my lower hourly rate does not mean you sacrifice quality. Bringing over 10 years of experience in Excel, I, as an Excel specialist, provide added value to your business. The exclusively positive feedback from past collaborations ensures a successful partnership. Curious about this? Then check the reviews that I’ve enthusiastically gathered over the recent period. Will we see each other soon?

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