Excel has become indispensable for most companies nowadays. And yet, most people are only familiar with the basics of this versatile Microsoftprogram. Did you know, for instance, that Excel can also create dashboards? As an Excel expert, I know all the secrets and can navigate like no other. These days, Excel is so much more than just a calculation tool that assists users with complex financial calculations. However, due to the many possibilities this program offers, it can also become complex for inexperienced users. The numerous formulas that Excel offers are also something that one needs to delve into thoroughly. One incorrectly used formula can penetrate deep into the system, leading to a cascade of errors. As an Excel expert, I know how to identify and resolve these errors for you. We work together to identify what can be done differently and potentially improved in your files. I ensure that everything functions properly again, allowing you to invest your valuable time in other matters. Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have inquiries about optimizing and enhancing your Excel files.

Excel Expert

Easy with Excel

Over time, these files often become needlessly complex when they could be simplified.

Automatically using Excel.

Practically everything within Excel can be automated.

Help with Excel

You might be interested in getting started with Excel, but you’re unsure about the exact steps to take.

From data to insights

Moving from gaining insight to making improvements, and from improvements to saving both time and money.

What can an MS Excel specialist do for you?

As an Excel expert, I have years of experience in the field of MS Excel. My passion for this field runs deep, as I am dedicated and persistent in finding solutions and won’t stop until I’ve found them. I continue to learn every day, which is why I can now proudly identify myself as a true Excel expert. Problems with Excel? Together, I will work with you to assess what improvements can be made to the processes within your company. Indeed, nearly everything in Excel can be automated. And that saves a lot of time. You can invest this time in other important matters that also demand a lot of your attention. I can also help you become an Excel expert yourself. I can teach you how to create tables, spreadsheets and forms in your company’s corporate identity. By extending your own corporate identity to these files, your clients will receive a positive (first) impression. After all, it looks professional and knowledgeable.

The benefits of hiring an MS Excel specialist

Many people think they are an Excel expert and know exactly how the program works. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. To know all the tricks and secrets, you need years of experience, Excel training and you need to invest many hours into this program.. And that’s exactly what I did. Even the most experienced individuals can still learn a lot from me and are amazed by the secrets they themselves have not yet discovered. And that says something about how versatile and complicated Excel is. I can not only optimize your current files but also develop clear tables and reporting capabilities. In the past, as an MS Excel specialist, I have supported many companies in developing and analyzing reports, setting up time registrations, creating (complex) production schedules, and developing intricate formulas. Want to know more about this? Then check out my business cases.

Bouwmeester Consultancy is the MS Excel specialist

A few years ago, I was able to turn my passion into my profession and started my own business. And I’m proud of that! With great pleasure, I guide companies through the intricate processes of MS Excel. I give my all for 100% customer satisfaction, and I’m incredibly proud that I’ve managed to achieve this up to the present day. I listen to your needs and translate them into possibilities. As an Excel expert, I want to collaborate with you to elevate your company to the highest level. Because I work as an independent professional, I can offer a lower hourly rate compared to other consultancy firms. However, this does not mean that I deliver less quality. On the contrary! I continue to develop myself every day to ensure I can provide you with optimal service. Are you curious about what I can do for your company? Feel free to reach out to me for a no-obligation discussion, and let’s explore the possibility of transforming you into an Excel expert!

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